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Ready to tie?

We're so glad your beads arrived safe and sound.  Now it's time for the moment where you become adorned!  Tying on your strand is easy, if you'd prefer to have them tied on you feel free to reach out to us if you're in Savannah, GA, the surrounding area or will be at an event where we'll be vending!

Another option is to schedule a zoom meeting where we can guide you through tying on your strand.  Although we have complete confidence that you can do it!  Just follow our step by step instructions and you'll be wearing your beads in no time.  

What you'll need:

Sharp scissors

A bowl to catch the excess beads

Now to the tying:

You'll notice your beads come with a blue and yellow bead on either end, this is our anchor bead and ensures your beads don't fall off during the tying process.  There is also a loop of extra thread, both important.  Do not remove the anchor bead before instructed.


Place your waistbeads around your body

Position your waistbeads where you want it to rest being sure to not hold your breath, just breath naturally.

Cross the strands one over the other, making sure there are no gaps by pushing the beads up on the string towards your body

*Our strand comes in a standard size, although it may be custom to you, so there will be excess beads and thread, this is normal!

Once you have the waistbeads positioned to your liking...

  Tie your strand as if you are tying shoe laces.  

  With one hand holding the beads in place where you've tied them, tug on one anchor bead at a time, until there's a gentle pop to release the slip knot.  This gives you room to tie your second and securing knot.

 With your second knot tied, gently pull on each end to tighten the strand both left and right, up and down as needed


 Now you can cut the string above the anchor bead and let the excess beads slide off into the bowl

 Tie your second knot, which locks that first one in place.


You should now have 2 strings on either side


 Take 1 string from each side and tie a knot, 3 or 4 times, alternating the strings each time


 Take both strands from both sides and tie a knot

 Tie your final knot


 Cut the excess string off, being careful not to cut too close to your knot

 Rotate your waistbeads so that the knot is behind you.

Congratulations you've been adorned!  

If these instructions seem overwhelming, here's a video from one of our sister makers that may make things clearer.

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